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Why Choose Me?

As an incoming tech consultant at Ernst & Young and various client facing roles in the past, I bring a unique blend of expertise, enthusiasm, and a proven track record in helping students achieve their career goals. My sessions are tailored to be engaging, insightful, and practical, ensuring your students leave with actionable strategies for success.

Session Details

I offer a range of sessions designed to equip your students with the essential tools for a successful career journey:

1. The Power of LinkedIn

  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Description: In this session, students will learn how to leverage the full potential of LinkedIn as a powerful professional networking tool. From optimizing profiles to expanding their network and engaging with industry professionals, this session empowers students to establish a strong online presence.

2. Resume Building Masterclass

  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Description: A well-crafted resume is the cornerstone of any successful job/intern search. This comprehensive session covers the art of creating a compelling resume that highlights strengths, achievements, and showcases a student’s unique value proposition to potential employers.

3. Strategies for Internship Success

  • Duration: 75 minutes
  • Description: Securing internships can be highly competitive. This session equips students with the tactics and tools needed to stand out in the internship application process. From identifying opportunities to crafting impressive cover letters, we cover it all.

Additional Topics

In addition to the core sessions, I’m also available to cover a wide array of related topics including:

  • Interview Preparation
  • Networking Skills
  • Personal Branding
  • Career Goal Setting
  • Time Management for Success

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